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Buy property Estepona | For a long time Estepona lived in the shadow of its vibrant, glamorous next-door-neighbour Marbella, but now things are changing.

Do not get me wrong, Marbella is still very fabulous, yet in recent years Estepona has created a pass from a charming seaside town to a lively, beautiful spot at the heart of the Golden Triangle.

The golden triangle is the area Marbella, Benahavis and Estepona – and increasingly it's this region and not just Marbella that is the expert when people think about the privileged lifestyle that this southern region of Spain offers.

Since 2000, the headcount of homeowners in Estepona has been expanding fast, by 59% according to, while Marbella has grown by 32% in the same period.

As a consequence, house prices in Estepona are now rising as quickly as new buildings are going up. Just last month, we listed a development of luxury apartments on the Sierra Bermeja, where a 245 m2 penthouse (with 116m2 terrace) is going for €1.2 million.

While Marbella remains to appeal to the jet-setting crowd and gets most of the international press, Estepona, especially in the last five years, has grown far more cosmopolitan and now offers overseas guests more than a choice of fried fish.

Estepona's floral streets

Buy property Estepona

The rising desirability of Estepona between investors and homebuyers alike is due to the constructive policy of the mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano.

He has supervised many improvement works and the adorning of the historic town centre with painted flowerpots and the painting of large murals on apartment buildings.

This together with the twist of modern, high-quality developments have boosted the characterization and attraction of Estepona, especially the town centre, where properties are selling fast and prices have noted a healthy rise, therefore showing the growing demand for property here.

Along with this develops a growth in facilities both public and private, with stylish boutiques, eateries, and beach clubs joining a new hospital, theatre and projected downtown shopping district.

Our office has been based in the Port of Estepona since 2009 and since 2012 we’ve seen growing demand for properties in the Port and surrounding areas, including those that offer expanse for renovation.

Have a peek at these three excellent places on offer this issue and get in touch, as we have many much more for sale at Easy Estepona.

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Estepona is quickly transforming itself into a true hotspot, and while prices have increased, there is still great value for money and yet plenty potential for future growth.

Conclusion, Estepona is very much the place to be!

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