Easy alternative apartment Estepona:

First boutique Hotel in Estepona, Hotel Maravilla Palace. An easy alternative apartment.

José María García Urbano, the mayor of Estepona, and developer Richard Eller, were present at a remembrance to lay the foundation stone. It will be located in the Plaza de las Flores and will enhance the first hotel in the historic old town.

The project, which sees an expense of 15 million euros and has an end time of 18 months. The facilities will open to the public in the spring of 2019.

The Mayor pointed out the importance of this initiative. He said: "it will provide a long demand by both residents and tourists. Estepona has various top class hotels but until now doesn’t have an establishment of these criteria in its urban centre”.

The Mayor also pronounced that, in addition to the Maravilla Palace, in the next two years the city centre will see seven more new hotels, which will produce more employment and increase the town’s tourist sector.

Hotel Maravilla Palace

The mayor explained that event is “a recognition of the effort that Estepona has made during the last five years to modify the old town.”

“Now, the centre of Estepona is able to attract investors willing to develop first-class tourism projects, such as this hotel Maravilla Palace,” continued Garcia Urbano.

As for this hotel, one of its architects, Luis Escarcena, demonstrated that it will be built on a plot of about 800 square metres.

Furthermore, it will have a total of 50 rooms with all the essential services to fulfil its four-star category. In similar fashion, there will be restaurants, cafeteria, function room, and chill-out terraces on the deck. While on the deck, you´ll refresh at the pool, following a style that mixes modernity with tradition.

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