Rent or buy? Whether you are moving to the Costa del Sol for the first time or looking for your own place to live, renting a property long term is a perfect choice. At EasyEstepona we offer a wide selection of Estepona apartments to rent long term.

Moving to a new house is always a big commitment and choosing a long term rental is an excellent way of finding out if an area is right for you. Location location location!

Type of property

What style of property is best for you is a crucial point to consider. An apartment, penthouse, townhouse, villa? Do you want to live in town, frontline beach, or in the country? Luckily Estepona has a variety of properties and apartments for rent some in gated urbanisations with swimming pools and garages, others outside town but still close to all conveniences.

How to find a rental property

Estepona boasts a broad range of rental options. House hunting can often be daunting, that´s why at EasyEstepona we offer you low stress, no-fuss method of finding a property to suit your budget. We help you negotiate your rental contract and act as an intermediary with the landlord to safeguard your rights as a tenant.

Finding the ideal home can be disconcerting if you´re not familiar with the Costa del Sol and its rental prices. And while Estepona apartments to rent long term are numerous, it´s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Not sure where to start? In that case, we highly recommend renting before buying. Long term rental is ideal before you take the plunge and helps you work out if your new environment is right for you.

If your dream is sun, sea and sangria, you´ve come to the right place! With the EasyEstepona team, it is very easy to live in Estepona in a long term rental.