More flower power is expected to strike down on our beautiful town. Spring is in the streets of Estepona as the City Council has started the campaign of planting flowers and plants in the green areas.

Specifically, 250,000 specimens of colorful flowers will be planted and distributed over 390,000 square meters of the green areas of the municipality. This campaign will extend until the month of August and is nourished, mainly of species cultivated in the very own community garden center of Estepona to plant them over time.

Estepona: The objective

The councilman of Parks and Gardens, Sergio Rodríguez, explained that the local government is going to plant tagetes, zinnias, lattices, alders, and petunias, among others. In addition, Rodriguez clarified that his team does not only work in the flower plantation but also improves the design of public parks and gardens "to achieve a greater visual appeal that captures the attention of citizens." He proudly highlighted the good reception of the local residents, who are delighted with the improvements made to the gardens, the promenade and the main avenues and roundabouts of the city.

The municipal head of Gardens added that the objective of the government team is to create the most beautiful public gardens in Spain in the growing city of Estepona to plant love.

 Estepona to plant 250,000 flowers

Green and sustainable

Rodriguez stressed that the fact that the plants come from the municipal garden center, is a significant reduction in the costs. His team managed to double its production capacity. Thanks to this expansion, the town of Estepona manages to produce more than 500,000 plants each year at a reduced cost. In addition, their garden department is always working with new species that are tested in the municipal gardens to see which of them gives better results! 

Estepona to plant 250,000 flowers

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