Estepona is booming. Ever since November 2015, when the Supreme Court declared a null revision of the General Plan of Urban Planning in Marbella.

Now, in the spring of 2019, all eyes are on new build developments in Estepona. No other town on the  Costa del Sol has grown substantially, yet responsibly in the period between 2015 and 2019.

The Growth of Estepona

Estepona, often described as an island of unfulfilled promises, has been the subject of renovation during this period. While the finishing touches are being put on the new local hospital, which the Junta de Andalucía announced years ago but which the local authority finally decided to finance itself, at a cost of six million euros, the Estepona council has also started building an athletics stadium (3,000,000 euros) and recently finished, albeit a year late, the improvements to the Plaza Antonia Guerrero.

More developments in Estepona

And we cannot write this article without mentioning Mayor Urbano. Because JOSÉ MARÍA GARCÍA URBANO, MAYOR OF ESTEPONA is the person responsible for this major renewal. With a touch of imagination (understatement) and limited resources, Urbano has achieved a miracle.

To get a better understanding of the level of improvement, and the scale of the transformation, we believe this article by Andalucia golf is more than spot on:

The transformation of the city has three aspects.

First and foremost, everything related to maintenance of the gardens and beaches, which is being carried out in perfect fashion.

In addition, we have equipped Estepona with basic amenities we didn’t have before, such as the fairground, which we are now finishing. As well as a 600 spectators theatre, which is also well advanced.

The third aspect, which you notice when arriving in the city, is the decoration and repairs. They´ve been carried out in the old part of town. Now, it´s well worth strolling through and checking it out. It´s now full of flowers and fragrant smells. It returns value to an historic centre, which has a network of streets dating to the 18th and 19th centuries. They´re all extremely interesting and well preserved. All of this we are doing with walls, plants, sculptures, poems on ceramic plaques, etc.

It’s a daily perception. Before, the streets were full of cars and potholes: now they are full of flowers, trees and happiness – and, at times, bicycles. Yesterday I came across a group of Japanese with their cameras. Before, that was unthinkable. You would find them in Ronda, in Granada… but not here.

The town hall describes Estepona as the garden of the Costa del Sol

Yes, it’s a concept that we are displaying with initiatives: among other things, we have now installed more than 9,000 pot plants in the streets. The famous patios of Córdoba might have 200 or 500, at the most; and here every street is a garden.

The result is a thriving local economy. Mostly because Urbano sources most of the work and maintenance to local companies and autónomos, as they call self-employeperson in Spanish.

New Build Developments Boom in Estepona

Newspaper Sur dedicated a full article to latest property boom on the Costa del Sol late 2017. It's protagonist...Estepona

Estepona is the next municipality with the largest number of investments of this type. The council says things are moving positively, not only in terms of interest in investing but also the speed with which the town hall processes applications. Last year ended with works valued at 83 million euros, but by mid-October the figure for this year was already over 113 million.

Don´t forget to find more properties here!

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