The long-awaited Hospital update Estepona is rushing towards the deadline with only 60 days left to go until completion. 

After the structure, foundations, and roofs were finished of the future hospital, the works, which have exceeded 65 percent of the execution, are now focused on indoor facilities such as plumbing, electricity, air conditioning, fire safety, and alarms. In addition, the work on the façade has been started. 

The new hospital, opening next year, covers 14,300 square meters on a 15-acre (60,000 square-meter) site.

The greenest hospital in the country

Earlier this month, the town hall shared more information about the green space surrounding Estepona's new hospital. Located in the Santa María district to the west of the town. Estepona's mayor, José María García Urbano, explained: "There will be 7,000 square meters of new gardens, including a seven-meter-high vertical embankment wall with plants. Native Mediterranean species will surround the hospital building itself. Finally the car park will enjoy shady trees."

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Estepona hospital costs 15 million

The city of Estepona pays more than half of the total construction costs.

As a result, it reportedly paid more than 7.5 million euros for the Alta Resolución Hospital, also being built in the far western part of the municipality.

The mayor further explained that this sanitary facility will have a total municipal investment of €15 million.

Estepona Hospital capacity

A recent article in EuroPress wrote that the hospital of Estepona will have the capacity to attend almost 80 percent of the consultations in the region that are currently being treated at the Costa del Sol Hospital (Marbella), which will involve more than 85,000 consultations, 91,000 emergencies and 4,000 surgeries every year.

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