Countdown new hospital Estepona: Only 170 days to go!

After a much awaited time, the Hospital Estepona has been waiting for is nearly here, only 170 days left according to the electronic timer located in on the boardwalk in the city centre, thus meaning, the residents of Estepona won’t have to travel all the way to Marbella in order to receive public health care.
Nonetheless, according to Jose Maria García Urbano, the «splendid» major, who has converted Estepona in one of the main tourist attractions over the past 4 years, and has implemented major improvements in the overall wellbeing and «happiness» of the whole community; the building of the hospital has encountered several delays and is about 15 days off of schedule.
The state of the art «Hospital de Estepona» has had a cost of over 15.000.000€ that will be paid entirely by the town of Estepona. The whole institution will be comprised of a heliport, a huge car parking for over 250 cars, three X-ray machines, one TAC scan, over 38 double rooms, three operations rooms, and even an assembly hall. With these amenities, the hospital is programmed to solve over 85.000 queries, 91.000 emergencies and over 4000 surgical interventions on a yearly base.
According to the habitats of Estepona, it was something that should have been done years ago and it is a completely necessary commodity. The opening of the Hospital is programmed for the month of December.
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