Las Maravilla and Pilar Andalucía hotels, are currently under construction in Plaza Las Flores, with a budget of €25 million, thus adding the total of new build hotels in Estepona to eleven!

To date, the historic center of Estepona lacked hotels, and soon it will have 11, most of them styled as 'boutiques'.

The Councilor for Tourism and Infrastructure, Ana Velasco, announced that City Council has processed three new licenses in Estepona. These establishments in the old town, add to the eight that have already been granted for the area.


Tourism in Estepona on the rise

Firstly, the new 'boutique' hotel consists of a building with 13 tourist apartments on Antero street.  Another one with eight tourist apartments on Torrejón street. Finally, a third building with nine tourist apartments, can be found on San Miguel corner.

Most noteworthy, some of these projects will be executed in homes that were in disuse in recent years.

Thus, after a series of rehabilitation works, they may be upgraded as boutique hotels.


More hotels in the center of Estepona

Velasco stressed that processing files for the opening of new hotels "represents a new impetus for Estepona.

"In addition to boosting the economy of the area and generating employment, it contributes to expanding the tourist offer of the municipality."

In summary, the hotel establishments, whose works are underway are the four-starred Hotel Maravilla and the Andalucía Boutique Hotel.


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