What improvements will this next phase make to one of the most well-known golf courses on the Costa del Sol, Estepona Golf Course? For the time being, the corporate relocation brings a reassuring sense of continuity, which, when combined with the anticipation of moving forward, only heightens Estepona's appeal as a gathering spot for golf lovers.

Estepona Golf Club

Estepona Golf Club has hosted generations of players of all skill levels since 1989. It is a must-play course for golf enthusiasts due to its magnificent greens and expansive fairways. Additionally, on this renowned 18-hole, par 71, 5,546-meter course, which is renowned for its breath-taking vistas of the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra Bermeja mountain range, playing golf in Estepona becomes a fully immersive experience. The golf course's history and the surrounding terrain both play a significant role in the development of Costa del Sol. The most comprehensive information to playing golf in Estepona and other special locations in the surrounding area can be found here. Golf at Estepona Valle Romano, for instance.


Regarding the amenities at Estepona Golf, the so-called Club House deserves special mention. This establishment is renowned for its warm atmosphere, which is constantly energised by people arriving and departing in between games. The area is divided into two levels, where the restaurant, offices, changing rooms, and shop are situated. From here, customers can continue to take in the panoramic views of the sea and mountains, with the golf course in the foreground.

Golf academies


For this reason, the Costa del Sol's golf courses are sometimes known as the Costa del Golf, and they stand alone as a destination. Every taste, need, and degree can be satisfied. Numerous players may improve their game or even start playing golf thanks to the Estepona Golf courses, which, in addition to its technical aspects, also symbolise art and a way of life. The greatest golf academies give locals and guests all the skills they need to start playing golf from scratch and to enhance their game after some time has passed.

New owner of Estepona Golf Club

The renowned Estepona golf course is the ideal option in this setting where golf is lived rather than merely played. In December 2021, Juan José Hidalgo, a businessman from Salamanca, was proclaimed the Adopted Son of Estepona. The town bestows this honorific title in appreciation of various figures from industry and culture who have made significant contributions to the community. Furthermore, the hotel owner, who is now 81 years old, just took over as president of Club Deportivo Estepona after purchasing it from Paco Mena, his predecessor, and the Primarelli Group.

With the recent addition of Estepona Golf, he now affirms and strengthens his intention to keep funding the expansion of sport and tourism in the region. There are some paths that, once they cross, cannot be understood independently. The unbreakable link between Costa de Sol and golf is evidence of this.

As a result of the restoration, Estepona Golf is starting a new phase that will bring about significant improvements. The recently acquired Estepona golf course by businessman Juan José Hidalgo, the creator of Air Europa and the current president of Globalia, is getting ready for the future by upgrading its facilities and pushing for a continuous improvement of the conditions provided to its members, players, and guests. It intends to accomplish all of this while never losing sight of what makes it distinctively unique.

Other golf courses

When staying in Estepona, it is almost a given to start at Golf Club Estepona. This golf course is also known as "the friendliest course on the coast". The natural landscape of the Sierra Bermeja mountains and the sea views will complete your golfing experience here. Other great golf courses close to Estepona include Doña Julia Golf Club and La Duquesa Golf Country Club. Moreover, the golf courses around Marbella and other Costa del Sol towns are also within easy reach. This is why Costa del Sol is also called Costa del Golf.c

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