We'd like to suggest that you make your purchase at Estepona. We are aware that this charming resort at the western end of the beach is frequently disregarded in favour of Marbella, its opulent neighbour. Don't trust us? Continue reading for 7 strong arguments to buy property in Estepona.

1. Huge improvements are in progress

Estepona has invested a lot in municipal improvements during the past few years. From one end of the municipality to the other, improvements have been made in every area.

These are a few of them:

  • giving the town centre as a whole a facelift.
  • paving roadways and avenues (both new and replacement).
  • expanding the coastline path's length (corridor literal).
  • adding new parking lots to the town centre to improve parking options.
  • creating new sports facilities and green spaces.

As a result, Estepona is today one of the Costa del Sol's most active municipalities, and visitors are astounded by the rate and calibre of the changes happening. The real estate market is impacted by this.

2. Affordable properties

Estepona's costs are arguably one of the most compelling arguments to buy a property in Estepona. Real estate on the Costa del Sol isn't the cheapest, but it is still considerably less expensive than in neighbouring Sotogrande and Marbella.

Additionally, there is a chance that its worth may endure. The infrastructure and amenities of the town are constantly being improved, which increases Estepona's appeal and draws in more homebuyers. Property values in the neighbourhood will therefore continue to keep their worth during the following ten years.

See here one of our affordable properties for sale in Estepona:

See here all our properties for sale in Estepona.

3. Higher standards of quality

The addition of several upscale businesses to Estepona during the past year goes hand in hand with the enhancements. Ikos debuted their first 5-star all-inclusive resort in Spain in the summer of 2021, and since then, Hotel Ikos Andalucia has swiftly established itself as one of the top accommodations along the Costa del Sol. Another luxury 5-star hotel that recently opened is Mett Hotel and Beach Resort. Those hotels result in more people with money who are travelling to Estepona. Therefore, it improves the quality experiences in Estepona.

4. New developments

Estepona real estate offers the greatest in modern architecture, just like the hotels. This is evidenced by the fact that many of the most recent constructions along the New Golden Mile contain some of the highest-caliber apartment buildings on the Costa del Sol. Alcazaba Beach and Los Granados del Mar are only two examples.

In terms of nieuwe ontwikkelingen, Estepona is filled with cutting-edge designs. The new construction perfectly mixes cutting-edge, environmentally friendly building methods with breathtaking settings. The Edge and Ikkil Bay, both at the west end of the resort and offering some of the nicest real estate on the Costa del Sol.

5. Traditional town

But despite the luxurious lodgings and upscale eating options, Estepona hasn't lost sight of its roots. A trip through the town's centre or down the coastal promenade shows a long-standing fishing community that nevertheless exudes Andalusian elegance and extends a cordial welcome.

One of the largest benefits, in our opinion, is the fusion of the new and contemporary with the old and conventional. And so, it provides a strong justification to buy property in Estepona.

6. Peaceful environment

Although Estepona is located close to Puerto Banus and Marbella, it has a completely different vibe. Many visitors and residents of Estepona praise the tranquilly of the resort in contrast to the noisier vibe in neighbouring Marbella.

Of course, this close closeness to other areas offers benefits. You are only a short car ride from Marbella when you want to visit and take in its glitz and glamour. After you've had your fill, you may head back to Estepona, which is right next door, for some peace and quiet.

7. Increase in sold properties

Our final justification to buy a property in Estepona is the market itself. The years 2021 and 2022 were one of the busiest for the town, with both sales and prices continuing to rise steadily. Furthermore, there are no indicators that demand is decreasing; on the contrary, we are getting more inquiries than ever regarding real estate in Estepona.

EasyEsteona will help you if you are looking to buy a property in Estepona.

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