(PHOTO SLIDESHOW) - The development of the new Puerto Blanco building project is advancing perfectly according to schedule.

Currently, the first two towers are under construction. According to Acciona, the developer of the housing project in Estepona, construction is set at 20% completion.

Puerto Blanco project Estepona

As we earlier stated in our Easy blog, Puerto Blanco Estepona is one of the most prosperous building projects available in the rising town of Estepona. Due to its ideal location (close to the port, all amenities), attractive pricing, and solid payment plan, this new development in Estepona ticks all the BUY TO LET boxes. Next to that, all Puerto Blanco apartments have parking included in the price. considering the rapid and indefatigable growth of Estepona, a considerable benefit.

For more information, availability and full pricing over, please contact Easy Estepona today. We are more than happy to assist you in the search for your perfect holiday property. We are located near the port of Estepona, on Calle de Naranjo 47. We have over 15 years experience in the Estepona Real Estate market, and our multilingual staff (Dutch, English, Spanish, French, German) welcomes you!

Thank you for reading our Easy property blog!   

Puerto Blanco project Page Estepona

Puerto Blanco is a unique new development in Estepona. A great opportunity, with 1,2, and 3 bedroom apartments available suitable as:

  • Holiday home
  • Rental investment
  • Long-term investment

For more information and the full specs of the Puerto Blanco Estepona Development, please visit our Puerto Blanco page.

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