Last week we shared the top restaurants that we ourselves believed deserved a mention. This week, we bring you the top restaurants based on reviews on the internet and we share our insights to each one!

Being that confinement restrictions have finally relaxed enough to go out in Spain, now would seem a prime time to check out these restaurants in Estepona, but remember to stay safe!

Restaurants are opening back up, and if you’re new to Estepona, we can’t possibly have you roaming out there without some solid recommendations. And for those of you that are veteran foodies in the area, perhaps you will find this a nice refresher. You might even come across a place you haven’t heard of before, who knows?

Where Can I go Eat Out in Estepona?

Whatever your culinary tastes, dietary requirements or knowledge of the local area may be, we hope to get you started, whetting that appetite of your’s with a few propositions. Below are a number of places in Estepona you’ll be left wanting to sink your teeth into.

Italian, Indian and Portside Cafes

Everyone loves a hearty Italian. Whether you yearn for the comfort of fresh pasta or an oven cooked pizza, A Tavola has you covered. It’s known to many as the best spot for Italian in the area, and offers take away too.

You can’t go wrong with Indian. And you cannot go wrong with India House. They are a renowned spot for authentic Indian cuisine in Estepona. If you find yourself craving the complex flavours and spices of a traditional Indian curry then you have found the right spot. For those of you that partake in alternative diets, you will most likely already know that Indian food adapts very well to a vegan or vegetarian diet. You won’t be disappointed here, India House has a solid selection for you, you have not been forgotten. They also offer a takeaway service.

If you’re looking for a pleasant break from walking the spritely vistas of Estepona Port, Plan B Café is ideally located. In the port itself and serving a wide variety of foods, it’s the perfect place to rest weary feet from a day of strolling sun-soaked shores.

Fusion, Fine Dining and Authentic Spanish Cuisine

You like Asian Fusion? Then you’ll like ABA. The dishes are creative, fresh and make expert use of aromatic spices. An international flavour you won’t want to miss.

If fine dining is your thing, you’ll want to get over to Fons. Fons serves a beautiful melange of Mediterranean cuisines. The quality of their food and the experience they offer far exceeds the sum of their parts. Not to mention they cater to all tastes. Whatever your diet or preference, they have something for everyone to enjoy.

Now, we can’t talk about food in Spain and not pay our due diligence to the excellent quality of the seafood here. Andalucia is the heart and soul of seafood in Spain, and Estepona does not fail to represent it in that regard. There are a plethora of places you could go to, but Restaurante la Escollera is a classic. They’ll sort you out with some succulent mariscos, pescado y fruta de mar.

If you’re looking for a broader taste of Spain, however, hit up El Galeon. They’ll treat you well, and feed you even better. They are authentic and have garnered well-earned trust from their customers.

All in all, Estepona is a wonderful place to live, and in no small part thanks to the great places it has to eat. You’ve got variety, quality, amazing views and ambience in Estepona. You’ve got it all, and we hope to have inspired those rumbling stomachs with some ideas.

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