Buying a penthouse in Estepona has many advantages.

Buying a penthouse in Estepona is an excellent option for property investors. Investors looking for a good return, like buyers in need of a year-round residence and holiday home with space. High above the bustle and traffic of the town, these units offer panoramic views and the ultimate in luxury and high-end design.

These properties differ from a typical apartment in more ways than one, and usually have several unique additional features such as a spacious living area and large terraces.


One of the main perks of living in a penthouse is that they offer peace and quiet, more so than other apartments. Firstly, being set further up from the street noise below. Secondly not having any upstairs neighbours with stiletto shoes or dragging furniture across the floor.


Most importantly, a penthouse offers the opportunity to customise a home in a way that most apartments can´t. And they usually have better layouts than the other, lower-floor flats. Many penthouses in Estepona have generous outdoor spaces and buyers often like to add their personal touch. A plunge pool, jacuzzi, chillout BBQ area, decking, and even a fireplace indoors.


Unobstructed views, light, and high ceilings contribute to the exclusive features of a penthouse. With its roof-top location, a penthouse assures tranquil and airy living. As well as plenty of natural light coupled with far-reaching views of the coast and the Mediterranean.

Spacious terrace

Most penthouses have large terraces with ample room for entertainment, al fresco dining or simply unwinding in the evening.

The uniqueness and privilege of a penthouse apartment is its main draw. There are numerous advantages of buying a penthouse in Estepona. If you need to find the penthouse like this, the one of your dreams, EasyEstepona, the real estate agency of the port of Estepona is sure to have it.