So confinement is over, mostly. We are finally able to enjoy a little sunshine just in time for summer, and you want to make the most of it. Well, all that strolling, sunbathing, hiking, sailing — whatever it is you love doing drenched in the glorious golden summer rays — is going to build up quite the appetite. And that’s a problem. We can’t have you roaming the gleaming streets of Estepona on an empty stomach. Continue reading and discover the best restaurants in Estepona port according to our taste buds!

We’ve got good news for you though. Restaurants are a thing again, and they’re open for business, to most of our delights. In honour of these wonderful news we’ve got some solid recommendations for you. Here at Easy Estepona we pride ourselves in knowing the area, and not just when it comes to real estate. So without further ado, here are our 4 favourite spots to eat in Estepona.

El Tejar

Whether you’re visiting or living here in Spain, we are sure you’re aware of how good the food is. And if you’re not, you need to try it! When it comes to traditional Spanish food you cannot go wrong with tapas. El Tejar has got you more than covered in that regard. They have specialities from all over, very dedicated and friendly staff, and a great selection of wines. And if somehow you are in doubt, know that this locale is frequented by local Spaniards too. There’s no higher compliment than that for Spanish food. You’ll be well taken care of here.

Thapa Thai

Now, if you’re looking for a taste from somewhere a little farther away or a change of pace, we don’t blame you. After all, Costa del Sol is a very international place and host to an eclectic and wonderful mix of cultures.

Thapa Thai don’t mess around. They drop some serious thai curries, among countless other delicacies. So if you’re looking for something fresh and spicy, this is the place.

La Taberna de Lucia III

Okay, so another important thing to mention. Not only are we in Spain, we’re in Andalucia. This is the capital of the world for seafood, up there with Japan. Seafood is a quintessential part of the Spanish cultural experience. Going to Andalucia and not trying the seafood is a crime, or it should be. Unless of course you can’t eat seafood, then you’re exempt of our wrath, but only just. 

Anyways, if you are keen for some good food, La Taberna de Lucia III and our next restaurant are two of the best places to be. There are no better places in Estepona for seafood. They know what they’re doing and the produce is as fresh as it can be. Not to mention you’ll have an excellent view of Estepona Port whilst licking your fingers; the atmosphere of the setting sun over the bobbing boats is absolutely sublime. You do not want to miss out on this, trust us.

El Pescador

Another fantastic spot for seafood. If you are looking for fresh high quality seafood. El pescador (The fisherman) is the place you have been looking for. Located right on the Estepona beach, this restaurant offers a very unique touch on the every day sea dishes that you encounter around the mediterranean Spanish coast. With a spacious outdoor seating area and a varied menu, El Pescador has quickly become a hotspot for locals and tourists alike. With 3 course set menus and wine at affordable prices, El Pescador is a great place to get your sundays just right.

There you have it, folks. Those are our top 4 picks for eating out here in Estepona. If we have enticed you into coming over here, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the area, and if you’re looking for accommodation, whether long, short-term or permanent we’d be more than happy to help.

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