One of the best things about the Costa del Sol, and Estepona in particular, is that we don’t have to choose between the sea and the mountainside. We have the best of both worlds here, right next to each other. This in combination with the warm and mild weather makes it an ideal place to live or visit all year round. There are outdoor activities in Estepona for all to enjoy.

Although Estepona, and the rest of the Costa del Sol, are mainly known for their weather, good food and nightlife, many who move here quickly come to appreciate the natural beauty of the area. Which makes hiking a widely practised pastime in the south of Spain. Around Estepona and the nearby Sierra Bermeja there are hiking trails for all levels. The area is suitable for both outdoor enthusiasts looking for striking vistas and experienced hikers looking to challenge themselves.

Below we have outlined our top five hiking trails in Estepona and Sierra Bermeja:

  • Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja.
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Length: 2.1miles / 3.3km

This route is a great way to get started on the trails of the Sierra Bermeja area. With its relatively easy difficulty, it is considered a route suitable for all ranges of people. There aren’t any particularly significant changes in altitude, so the route remains at a fairly consistent pace throughout. It comes with stunning views and a casual circular stroll that leaves you back where you started, within easy access to your vehicle.

  • Mini Circular, Rio Padron.
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Length: 2.93mi / 4.7km

Rio Padron is a very popular area for hikers, and the reason why we have chosen two trails in the same area for this article. This route makes a wonderful alternative to a beach day, being that it takes you along the Rio Padron. The river has various pools in which you can bathe and will take you across its waters. The adventurous nature of the trail, however, is balanced by the easier difficulty level of the route. The route is short and has parking spots available right by its start. Besides its refreshing pools, the route boasts a quaint little stone bridge which is ideal for a picture by the water. We recommend wearing appropriate footwear, as some of the rocks in the river can be rather slippery.

  • Mirador de Salvador Guerrero, Sierra Bermeja.
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Length: 3.6mi / 5.8km

The best way to reach this trail is to head from Estepona towards Jubrique. Then take the exit for Puerto Peñas Blancas, the road leading to Los Reales Refuge will take you there. Mirador de S. Guerrero is a route perfect for those looking for a beautiful view of Estepona. It starts at a high altitude and takes you to its lookout where the horizon drops down sheer cliffs and vast mountains. This is to be expected, since mirador means lookout in Spanish. For those that don’t want to commit to a full day hike, this is a great way to get some fresh air on a fairly flat hike. The trajectory is short and the vistas are certainly worth it.

  • Pico Los Reales from La Loma del Infierno in Sierra Bermeja.
    • Difficulty: Moderate
    • Length: 7.4mi / 11.9km

Pico Los Reales is the longest route among the ones we are suggesting here. It’s both steeper and more arduous than the previously presented routes. However, it’s circular nature makes it a pleasant trek and it has plenty of rest points. It’s also one of the most popular routes in the area, enjoyed widely by both experienced and novel hikers. The route ascends sharply towards the middle to reach the Picos Reales. From there it’s a casual descent back around the Paraje Natural of Sierra Bermeja.

  • Arroyo de Abrón, Rio Padrón
    • Difficulty: Hard
    • Length: 5.2mi / 8.5km

Although Arroyo de Abrón is not the longest route on this list, it is by far the hardest. It’s the steepest trail, with some challenging and lengthy uphill battles. The route is picturesque and marked by portions of the Rio Padron, and pools ideal for a breather. Experienced hikers shouldn’t have too much trouble with it, but it will certainly pose a challenge. Following the sheer climb up, one must double back to return to the trek’s starting point.

The routes around Estepona and Sierra Bermeja are truly stunning and worth it just for the views alone. The current circumstances around the world may be discouraging at times, but there’s never been a better time to take up hiking. Not only is it a great way to make the most of our time outside and stay healthy. It’s also very easy to take part in social distancing. There is plenty of space along the mountains.

We hope to have informed and inspired you with our tops picks for hiking around Estepona and Sierra Bermeja. If you have any further questions about Estepona, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced team is always available for any queries you might have about the area.

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