The operational Consistory brigades have produced ornamental pieces. There are already three firs decorating the most trafficked spaces as tall as 14, 12 and 10 metres. Moreover, there are almost one thousand decorative lighting installations set up around Estepona.

Estepona’s town hall recently announced that it has managed to save over 250,000€ on lighting this Christmas throughout the whole city. This was possible thanks to the team of locksmiths in the service of the municipal operative brigades. They produced decoration that lights up different parts of the municipality. Likewise, the town hall has been accumulating almost a thousand different types of Christmas decorations (e.g.: curtains, nets, trees, etc.). Resulting in the avoidance of cost overruns that could involve the rental, installation and hiring of these lights.

This year, the operatives of the municipal brigades have built a 14 metre high fir, which lights up the Andalucia avenue in the maritime promenade (paseo maritimo). This tree, of imposing size, has joined two others. One at a height of 12m and the other at 10m. Both of these were put together in previous years by the same municipal staff. This Christmas, the two relatively smaller firs will be lighting the Antonia Guerrero plaza and the European Union roundabout here in Estepona.

All three of these specimens will suppose the municipal coffers 50,000€ in savings per year. This is thanks to the Consistory not having to rent them, nor pay a company to put them together every Christmas.

In relation to the characteristics of the lighting around Estepona, this Christmas has seen new designs incorporated in said decorations. These can be found in the main streets and most predominant neighbourhoods of the area. 60 LED curtains have been installed on the palm trees following the paseo maritimo. A giant LED ball has also been placed on Terraza street so that citizens may take pictures of themselves and their loved ones inside of it.

It is also important to mention that various new ornamental details have been installed in the Botanical-Orchid Park. The trees here have also been decorated with LED lights along with other ornamental details. The park will also be showcasing the traditional giant Belen.

Overall, the aforementioned ornaments will be distributed around the local area with a total of 114 light-arcs between 7 and 5 metres in length, 333 ornamental motifs, 143 ribbons 12 metres in length and 140 curtains and nets. All of which will be lighting the main avenues’ groves, as well as other spaces.

Ten signs will also be posted saying ‘Feliz Navidad’ (Merry Christmas). Along with these will also be placed 11 almond tree lights, each reaching over 4 metres in height; they will be placed on roundabouts. Furthermore, 85 LED light motifs have been installed among the streets of the old part of town. These have been remodelled as part of the ‘Jardin de la Costa del Sol’ (Costa del Sol’s Garden) project.

All of this lighting uses LED technology, which means there have been significant savings in the energy costs necessary for the use of said installations. Not to mention it showcases Estepona’s commitment to sustainability and its citizens most concerned with the environment.