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The season of long weekends and Christmas getaways is upon us, and the last thing any homeowner wants to imagine when you're on your skis on the piste and a housebreaker is snooping around in your empty home. While there is no use in being paranoid about your belongings while you’re elsewhere, home security shouldn’t be considered lightly. And of course not only in winter but especially in the summer.

So whether you’re going away for the day or weekend or taking a long vacation, put these 10 summer and winter holiday safety tips to work and make your home less of a target for burglars this season, or any season.

1 | Don’t publicize your holiday plans

It’s hard to resist the allure of Facebook and Instagram. But it’s reasonably not the best idea to share your travel plans online with your 500 nearest friends. Your Facebook profile might not be as private as you think, and it’s safer not to take the risk.

2 | Make your home look lived in

One big hint to thieves that you’ve gone away during the summer or winter? An unkempt lawn. Be sure to mow it before you travel, or hire someone to keep it mowed while you’re gone so your home looks well cared for.

3 | Use the latest tech

Take advantage of a device like FakeTV, which imitates the flickering light of a TV to make it look as though you are home. Other home self-regulation devices, like Wi-Fi-enabled security systems or plug-in devices that allow you to turn lights on and off remotely with your cell phone, or on a time switch.

4 | BOost your security systems

Sure, you’ve installed the alarm and have motion-activated lights outside, but there are some extra things you should consider doing to preserve your home. For example, install a heavy-duty lock strike plate on your door; it’s the weakest part and where thieves may try to break in. You can also add sash pins to double-hung windows to make them more secure.

5 | Don’t keep your windows open

It seems an easy one, but a lot of people forget it. String lights can be a great way to decorate a deck or outdoor space during summer months, but don’t run electrical extension cords through your windows. If your windows don’t close and lock, you’re sending thieves an invitation to invade.

6 | Don’t fall for door-to-door solicitations

A simple way to scope out what kind of goodies you have in your home is by pretending as a charity asking for donations. If someone comes to your door, don’t open it, or ask for an ID that connects them to the charity and don’t let them observe inside.

7 | Keep your valuables out of sight

That glistening new laptop, your favourite jewellery, or basically anything valuable you’ve forgotten to stash out of sight could invite thieves. Before you head out of town, do a quick walk-through in each room and cover all valuables.

8 | Make a report of valuables

It’s a good idea to take photos of your stuff, particularly big-ticket items such as laptops and TVs and keep serial numbers in a secure place. Should the worst occur, you’ll have a document of what was taken and be able to verify your things are truly yours if they are recovered by the police.

9 | Be clever about boxes

If you’ve purchased new equipment to bring along on your summer vacation, don’t leave the empty boxes on the curb for everyone to see. Instead, break down the cardboard and put it in your container for recycling or trash pickup.

10 | Do your packing out of sight

Sure, you have to make room for the bikes, load up the boogie boards, and stash away some snacks, but be smart about where you pack up the car. If possible, keep your car in the garage or out of sight, advises Easy Estepona real estate agent.


Do you have additional security hacks you use when on vacation? Share them with us in the comments below! | Vacation home Estepona

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